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Interview with Franck Noël, 21/06/2022, Dojo de la Roseraie Toulouse

What is a budo? How do you define aïkido? How do you teach aïkido? How dit it start? Why has Aikido gone from such a fancy and attractive discipline in the eighties/nineties to a poor, unsexy and obsolete art, to the public eye today? Is this really true?

If you have ever asked yourself some of these questions, you’ve come to the right place to find answers.

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A special class for kids and parents at the Dojo, July 2021.
Video : John Vuille

A regular day of Aikido practice at Dojo de la Roseraie in Toulouse, France. Very rare footage, featuring Franck Noël Shihan, along with adults and kids classes clips, shot inside and outside the Dojo.

Zoom classes

Oleron, 2019

Japan Touch Toulouse, 2018

Gymnase Michel Jazy, Cugnaux

Gaston Nicolessi’s October 2018 Aikido seminar in Rosny-sous-Bois, near Paris, organized by Arthur Frattini and the Codep93 federal committee. Gaston designed his seminar upon the notions of extension and absorption for both body techniques and jo.

A radio interview about Gaston’s heartfelt vision of Aikido on Radio Campus Toulouse (Nov. 29th 2018)… in French :-).

Aikido is a japanese martial art that strikes with its aesthetic movement and social ambition. Ideally located in Toulouse, in newly renovated premises, accessible by metro, the Dojo de la Roseraie is open every day, at lunch time or after work, for quality aikido classes, taught by state-qualified teachers. Classes open to all, children (from 8 years) and adults (from 15 years).