Adult Aikido

To begin your practice of aikido is simple, you need only bring:

  • a note of consent from your doctor (indicating the absence of medical objections to the practice of Aikido);
  • a keikogi (or dogi, traditional uniform similar to those worn for judo) or comfortable clothing (such as sweats or stretch pants and a long sleeve t-shirt: for safety reasons, no jewelry and short finger nails…);
  • zooris (Japanese sandals, thongs or flip-flaps, these help to maintain dojo hygiene between the changing room and the tatami);
  • shower toiletries…


  • Is possible all year long;
  • Please allow for 30 minutes to complete all necessary formalities;
  • Fees include club membership, an FFAAA license and classes (annual or semester rates);
  • Payment by cash or check (possibility of payment in 3 installments, with no surcharge).


  • You are welcome to all classes;
  • For first-time beginners, the following classes are perhaps the most suitable: Monday 19h and Saturday 11h30, as they are organized as reviews of the fundamentals of the discipline;
  • For the weapons classes, the dojo can provide weapons (jo or bokken) for beginners.

Do you want to join us? Let us know!

    Have a great class – « The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. » – Lao Tzu
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