Children’s Aikido

These classes are suitable for youngsters 6 to 17 years old

For your child to begin the practice of Aikido, you need only:

  • a keikogi (or dogi, traditional uniform similar to those worn for judo) or comfortable clothing (such as sweats or stretch pants and a long sleeve t-shirt: for safety reasons, no jewelry and only short finger nails…);
  • zooris (Japanese sandals, thongs or flip-flaps these help to maintain dojo hygiene between the changing room and the tatami);
  • shower toiletries…

To enroll your child:

  • Please allow yourself 30 minutes to complete all necessary formalities;
  • Fees include club membership, an FFAAA license and 1 weekly class;
  • Payment by cash or check (possibility of payment in 3 installments, with no surcharge).

Children and youngsters’ classes:

  • Children’s classes are held on Wednesdays at 4pm and 5pm
  • For youngsters aged 13-17, 2 new classes are open on Wednesday and Friday at 18h
  • No classes during school holidays.

A certified and experienced teacher

The classes are directed and implemented by Gaston NICOLESSI.
Gaston is regularly assisted by a few other teachers from the dojo, interested in learning from his extended teaching experience with kids.

Within an environment of encouragement

Your child will learn to focus and control their energy and their fears, while discovering a different realm and its culture.
More importantly, in a world rife with competition, your child will discover the immeasurable benefits of a practice where competition does not exist.

The goal of the practice of Aikido is, quite simply… to practice and to progress while enjoying oneself. In this manner, your child will discover that success is, above all, a victory over one’s self.

This does not, of course, preclude the evaluation of individual progression over the course of the seasons and each year-end, during the annual rank exams organized by the teachers.

An enriching educational practice

The apprenticeship of the practice of Aikido will allow your child to develop their interpersonal capacities as well as motor skills in a safe and reassuring environment.

Dynamic and playful by nature, Aikido is a martial discipline which fosters self-confidence through sharing and exchange.
In a context of respect and cheerfulness, with both teachers and fellow students, through the apprenticeship of ukemi (rolls) and throws, your child will be able to express their physical potential.

Through the manipulation of wooden weapons, such as a sword or a staff, during exercises with a partner, they will be able to enhance their control over space and time, developing qualities such as timing and vision, which are essential for all future « martial artists ».

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