Team building

Strengthen your team cohesion with Aikido!


  • Aikido training in a private Dojo
  • Japanese martial art based on the harmonization of energies
  • 1h30 to 3h sessions
  • Open to everyone, no technical or physical prerequesites
  • 5 to 15 people ideally
  • Professional guidance
  • Well-suited for executive board members, commercial, IT, HR squads…


  • Tailored orientation
  • Original and innovative approach
  • Hands-on, practical work
  • Solo and group work
  • Well-tailored and fruitful activities
  • Immediate payoffs
  • Simple take-home exercices
  • Meeting room available
  • Catering services possible on site


  • Develops collaboration spirit 
  • Strengthens team cohesion 
  • Fosters interpersonal skills and contacts
  • You will just love it!

« It was very interesting, both for the great interactions and the philosophy of the martial art. »

T. Laurent
CEO & Co-founder
Micropep Technologies

« Thank you for this great first impression. Very good atmosphere and guidance. Makes you want to sign-up for real! »

V. Menny
CEO & Founder
Authentic Material

« Great welcome. Everyone in the teaching squad was available and patient. »

D. Lauressergues
Micropep Technologies

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